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Businesses For Sale RSS is a vertical search engine just for businesses for sale.

What is a vertical search engine? It is a specialized search engine that mines data for one narrow niche of the market place, in this case, businesses for sale. Because the data sources themselves are so fragmented, vertical search provides a tremendous benefit in uniting that data in one convenient location, where interested readers can obtain it simply and easily, and remain updated by subscribing to information updates, which are sent via rss feeds.

How does this compare with using a general search engine? With general search, you often get many irrelevant results which you have to sift through and refine. With vertical search, you begin at the sifted, refined stage. With general search, you do not have the choice to remain automatically updated by rss feeds. With vertical search, it is easy to do so.

  • Those with data are placed in front of a highly relevant audience
  • Those who search find more high-quality information faster
  • Those who advertise communicate with a highly segmented audience

It is simply more refined.

Businesses For Sale RSS. sifted and refined.

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The future is vibrant.

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