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DayTimeNews is a connection engine: explore the connections among stories and topics; traverse photos of people and places; open new windows into stories from quotes in the news; and track media’s coverage of a topic. DayTimeNews turns passive news into active dialogue by giving people an easy-to-use publishing system delivered to a built-in audience.

Who is that audience? Online readers globally, segmented by region and country, getting news and other information sent to them from millions of feed items in 32 feed categories.

We have combined the best technology with the strongest local participation to create the best destination for news and discussion. By giving everyone access to the tools to talk - and an audience to listen - DayTimeNews redefines what it means to make the news, connecting people to the information and discussions that matter to them in every U.S. town and city and even worldwide.

What is that technology? RSS. With it, DayTimeNews is rapidly becoming a powerful vertical search engine business, housing within it a growing number of subsidiary vertical search engines that deliver highly segmented information to highly segmented and interested audiences.

As a major online news destination we work with lively user-generated forums. DayTimeNews also works with the nation’s major media companies to grow and engage their online audiences through forums, classifieds, publishing platforms, and RSS feeds.

DayTimeNews. when you want it.

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