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Zoomonga is a digital imaging service community that gives individuals and businesses using digital cameras simple and convenient ways to store, organize, view, share, and print digital photos. Its community members, called Zoomongaloids, create public albums, e-mail photo greeting cards, and order prints and photo products made from their photos. Through Zoomonga’s social networking features, Zoomongaloids interact with each other by creating and searching personal profiles, tagging and bookmarking, and customizing and sharing their own photo, video, and blog content.

Because of the importance of photos as a tool in social interaction, Zoomonga is building a thriving Zoomongaloid community by encouraging all Zoomongaloids to participate, to make contact and build relationships with other members, and to invite their own existing community into the Zoomonga community. Zoomonga helps to guide this community by infusing it with new members and creating and promoting new ways to connect, then lets the community evolve organically.

Zoomonga also recognizes and celebrates the creative aspect of photography with its high-profile Gallery of Best Pictures awards.

For advertisers, Zoomongaloids can be an extremely receptive, cohesive, evolving audience. They are open to non-traditional marketing methods, and will consider adapting your brand into their own identities.

Zoomonga. Unleash your photos.

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