Josemoan Podian - Founder and CEO

Josemoan Podian, is the chairman of the board, founder, and CEO for Listopica. Mr. Podian has over 18 years of experience in consumer product marketing, administration, import export and international trade.

Joe's primary responsibility is focused on building the business infrastructure to cultivate Listopica's global operations and rapid expansion as a company. He leads Listopica's strategic planning, management and development, sharing responsibility for Listopica's day-to-day operations.

Before founding Listopica, Mr. Podian worked as a Managing partner of Exeim Trade International and also held a Sales executive position with Caprihans India ltd. Podian received a Masters in public Administration from University of Madras, a post graduate diploma in Marketing Management, and a bachelor's degree from University of Kerala.

Raja Sandhu - Vice President, Creative Direction

Raja Sandhu, Creative Director at Listopica, adds to the formula a fuel of inspiration coupled with a spark of creativity. Having been schooled in the Arts and attending college with a focus in marketing, Raja has a unique paring that makes for the ideal background in the field of Visual Communication. For the last 3 years, Raja has been working as an independent freelance consultant in the areas of graphic design, corporate identity, interactive-multimedia design, business naming, marketing, and branding. Along the way, he has worked with award winning artistis such as Snoop Dog and Norah Jones. In the corporate sector, Raja has provided consultations to Ajilon, Merchant Logix, and Celestrio. Raja also volunteers his time to non-profit organizations and currently holds the web consultant position at CUSO.

Tony Spaeth - Vice President, Brand Strategy

Tony Spaeth's expertise in using identity as a corporate leadership and marketing tool is internationally recognized, with over 40 years and an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients, including directing teams that produced such corporate brands as Pfizer, Dow Jones and Eastman Chemical. His specialties include: clarifying strategic vision through identity, diagnosing corporate and product identity needs, corporate positioning and brand platforms, and nomenclature systems and name development. Starting at pioneering identity firm Lippincott & Margulies, Tony contributed to the industry's formative years, later provided marketing and brand management and consulting for American Home Products, NW Ayer advertising, and others. He served as corporate vice president and director of marketing of several Citibank business units, before establishing his independent identity advisory firm.

Tony has lectured for Harvard Business School, Design Management Institute, and other professional audiences, has written on identity for The Conference Board, Adweek and others, and maintains an identity website widely viewed as a global information resource and teaching tool. He studied architecture at Princeton and received his MBA from Harvard.

Sini Thomas - Director of Search Engine Optimization

Sini Thomas oversees search engine optimization (SEO) as well as administrative responsibilities, including human resources. She has been with Listopica since June 2005. A graduate of Kannur University, India, Ms. Thomas previously was Technical Faculty and manager in Electronics and Communication Department at Universal College of Engineering, responsible for the day-to-day operations of IT department. She also managed the company's recruiting issues and assisted financial manager in preparing and analyzing the financial growth. Her expertise is based in designing strategic SEO plans that address both internal and external initiatives.

Shivam Guness - Senior Software Analyst

Shivam brings to Listopica his deep interest in programming and software development using the Perl, Php, C++, Java, and C# languages. His short list of interests includes:  .Net Framework 1.1/2.0, Net Framework 3.0 (formerly WinFX), object oriented programming using Java, C# or C++; Agile Development including using XP or SCRUM; .Net Remoting; Web Services; Ajax; Php, Perl and ASP.Net web development; IM, VoIP Technology such as SIP(RFC3261); and XML, XML Schema and XML Transformation.

He is skilled and comfortable in many computer languages, databases, operating systems, and application design and architecture programs. And Shivam is very keen on learning new technologies concerning different fields related to information technology and computers.

He holds a number of certifications including his MCAD.Net certification, and maintains membership in a number of technology organizations, including the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and the British Computer Society (MBCS Level).

Besides programming languages, Shivam brings his written and spoken fluency in English and French. He received his Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Technology) from the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

The future is vibrant.

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